Summer Styles For Your Vacation.

Hey Wanderlusters,

Summers are Shining bright and you need to everything about the styles this season.

Sounds about right, isn’t it? From sunbathing to sightseeing, you need to know all about being chic ready this holiday and not worried about being over/underpack.

Follow the simple list and trust me you will only love me for being your friend from another corner of the world.

Your Summer 2017 Capsule Wardrobe

  1. Hats, Hats & Hats. ( Carry your best-suited hat that’s comfortable and looks best on you)
  2. Beach Ready Bag: These bags instantly make you look beach friendly, and with their wide size and bright prints are ideal for city exploring too.
  3. A Day and Night Dress: Although I say pack less stuff to travel light, but you will need to be occasion ready( Denim Dress or  A-line Halterneck Dress are super stylish this season and Super comfy)
  4. Skirts & Sheer Blouses ( A floaty Breezy attire is your best  companion)
  5. A Kick ass bikini for that bomb body. Spend your shopping time wisely and put an effort in buying a bikini that suits your body. ( High waisted are super glam this season: Go vintage style I say)
  6. Flattery Flat Sandles: Pom- Poms, tie-ups, striped espadrilles or slides are perfect.
  7. Chic Summery Sunglasses: Pastels and Framed glasses are your thing, go and flaunt.
  8. Scarves: I think scarves are a blessing in disguise always, you need them anyway to be stylish, to protect from heat in the day or the chill in the night. So take them( Psst. use them as sarongs too )
  9. Longline Jackets: I am loving the Kimonos trend right now, I wear them everywhere. These are your style savior literally.
  10. Last item: A must must item, a Relaxed Pair of trousers or Mom Jeans – These are super chic on any girl and you can’t go wrong in these so wear them and flaunt yourself.

Now that I am done going ga-ga about the list, it wants me to go on a trip right away. Well, I got a project to finish first before I pack my bags. So, I created some of the looks for you to follow. Until then, you have the list, tell me where did you go and how was your trip.

Ajio Maxi Summer Style Dress
Floral Maxi Dress















Summer Style – Ginger Black Pug Dress
Ginger Black Pug Dress
Summer Style – Ginger Black Pug Dress
Balloon Sleeve Dress
Zara- Balloon Sleeve dress
Zara- Balloon Sleeve dress

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Happy Wanderlusting ladies <3



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