Okay, picture this. Lush green forests for as far as you can see, exotic wildlife everywhere, the freshest air you will ever breathe and stunning beaches that soothe the soul. This my friends, is called Tanzania. The country is so beautiful it’s hard to put into words and it’s impossible to leave without wanting to visit again. I know it sounds like I am exaggerating but I’m really really not. You have to experience and live Tanzania at least once in your lifetime.

Best Time To Visit: The best time to visit Tanzania is through June to October. These are the dry months in Tanzania and you can experience the best wildlife the place has to offer. You may even get to see the wildebeest migration if you’re lucky. (The wildebeest is an animal that is seen in Africa. Every year around 5000 of them sprint together across a river to make it from Kenya to Tanzania so that they can protect themselves from the crocodiles that the river is infested with) It’s a spectacular sight and you will marvel at how nature is invented.

Visa: All Indians will require a visa to Tanzania. There are two ways to go about this:
1) You can get it before you leave from the Tanzania High Commission in New Delhi
2) Or you can apply for a Visa On Arrival. (All “western” passport holders are eligible for visa on arrival)
Complete details for India Citizens here
Complete details for US Citizens here

Flights: There are no direct flights from India to Tanzania. Every airline will have a pit stop or two. But you have quite a few airlines to pick from. If you are travelling on a budget you can search for the cheapest options here > Skyscanner. So while planning your travel during the peak months, you can keep a minimum of 35,000 INR for your tickets (including return). Of course, if you book your flights way in advance or if you don’t mind longer travel time, you can get a good deal on the tickets. I prefer this since it saves me a lot of money that I can spend on shopping or probably extend my travel days.
Julius Nyerere International Airport (DAR) is the Tanzania’s main airport but you will have to select one which is closer to where you are planning on travelling. So make sure you do a quick look-up before you book.

What to visit? – Top two destinations in Tanzania
Tanzania has a thousand places that can go on the must visit list but I have two recommendations for you. Mount Kilimanjaro and Serengeti. These make it on the top two of my list and they rightly deserve that spot.

Mount Kilimanjaro National Park

Image Credits: Sergey Pesterev

This grandiose mountain is Africa’s highest mountain and stands 5896m tall in all its snowcapped dazzling glory. It is also one of the highest freestanding mountains in the world. Thousands of adventurers climb the mountain every year and the area is well protected so that there is no mark left behind of trekkers. The mountains have strikingly diverse ecosystems, lowlands being used for farming. As you enter the park, the forest gets thick and dense and as you move higher, the grounds get barren with rocks and the air thinner. One you reach the peak point, the view of the country literally takes your breath away. It looks like a beautiful vast kingdom that is simply perfect – for all wildlife and humans. It’s a country that anyone will be lucky to call home.

Serengeti National Park 

Tanzania Sunset
Image Credits: ray rui

The Serengeti National Park is one of the best wildlife sanctuaries in the world. You get to see so many magnificent animals and birds, the little kid in you that watched national geographic channel comes to life. Imagine taking a stroll in a zoo, only the zoo is as big as an entire city and the animals are not caged but free and in their natural habitat. Established in 1952, the park is home to the largest wildlife species on earth – lions, cheetahs, rhinos, elephants, giraffes and so many other animals that you’ve never even heard of. The national park is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and also the place for the wildebeest and zebra migration. As you see, the place is pretty special and there is a huge community of people that work towards protecting it.

How many days: If time and resources permit, I’d advise you to take two whole weeks to explore the country because there is so much to see and a few days won’t suffice. Plan a complete itinerary for your trip in advance, because you are bound to get overwhelmed when you reach there. If you are going to take planned tours or trips, don’t hesitate to take a little detour and visit some place you really want. I think you explore much more on the small detours that may not always be planned.

Recommended Tour: Joica Tours and Safaris is one of my top recommendations if you are planning to book a tour in Tanzania. They are a fantastic company that specializes in organising Tanzania tours and safaris and they have been doing this for a long time. So you can be assured that you are going to experience the best of the country and they make sure you have a smooth and unforgettable travel experience with them. Adding a link to their website so you can check them out and book your trips> Joica Tours and Safaris
Tanzania is for everyone, young and old, for those who seek adventure and those who don’t. Put Tanzania on your bucket list, it’s worth the hype.

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  1. Hi There! This is Tanvi from Chalo Africa – Just wanted to point out that Indian citizens can avail visa on arrival in Tanzania (with the proper documentation). Also, it’s closer to 1.5 million wildebeest that cross over from the Serengeti into the Mara every year 🙂

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