My Love for Morrocan Oil







Hair Care

I have been using Morrocan oil for about a  year now and I totally swear by it. The fragrance is great and you certainly feel it for a day or two. It makes your hair look super shiny, most of all styled well when applied.

Totally worth every penny so spend on it.

***Makes it a Hot Pick

1. Makes your hair fall in love with it.

2. Lovely smell( Not recommended for people who do not like fragrance in their products)

3. Gives the extra shine to the hair.

4. Hair falls perfectly after you have styled them.

5. Super economical, as the consistency of the is really thick and you need a tad bit of the entire hair.

6. Maybe not a favourite of all since it’s priced at Rs.2430 for 100ml, I have waist length hair and I could use it for about 9 months. That way it’s super economical 😀 <3

Highly recommended!

Author: Divya

Divya is a free thinker, fashion stylist and a wedding photographer who loves to travel, cook and do a lot more, I love to find smiling faces and spread love as there’s very little much love left around in this world

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