The Little Black Dress

Hey you gorgeous,

Black is the new white. Yes, it’s been the favorite color of everyone, we see it everywhere, whether it is on red carpets,

star award shows, or any glitzy bitsy party.

The T-shirt dress is black in color and is of 100% soft cotton fabric, the feel of the fabric is so lovely and comfortable,

I am sure you will love them the most in your closets and it will be your goto dress.


We all just can’t seem to ignore the gorgeous black. We all love it and can’t really get away with it, can you?

So, when I heard that wanted to collaborate with me, I danced with joy and couldn’t be happier.

I love their super easy dresses, I picked a lovely T-shirt dress from the store and a super cool mobile cover for my iPhone.

I am sure all of us who follow a bit of fashion, knows how big a deal are the T-shirt dresses now, which so casual, yet

so versatile and comfortable.

Isn’t it screaming out loud and saying that T-shirt dresses are so economical and at the end of the day,

you won’t be paying through your nose(hehe).So when I received the dress I thought I would something very

casual and playful as I am getting to see too much of serious dressing around and my style is a no fuss at all.

When I am buying a dress, I look for two most important things are can I wear it and do I look good in it?

And that’s my key to being fashion forward!

I just love to be comfortable in what I wear and always loved keeping my style minimalistic.

My First Look

I pulled out two looks with just by changing accessories.  This dress is so easy to wear and scores the perfect ten on the style quotient.

In my first look, I tried the sporty chic look, where I played around with my all time favorite sling from Forever 21,

and floral cap which I got from my trip to Greece.

Second Look

In this look, all did was just change my bag and I was good to go out with friends for a quick coffee or a lunch.

The Tan sling bag I used here is from David Jones.

Remember guys, it is always how you want to wear the clothes and not how others want you to

wear the clothes( The key is a comfort ).

I did this shoot on Sunday and thought why not sport something more casual as the day is Funday!





DV <3





Author: Divya

Divya is a free thinker, fashion stylist and a wedding photographer who loves to travel, cook and do a lot more, I love to find smiling faces and spread love as there’s very little much love left around in this world

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