Who Am I?

Hello I am Divya,

I live in Hyderabad, India. I am the only Luxury Travel Blogger in Hyderabad.  No, I didn’t quit my job to start this blog, and  I bet this little story of mine will be interesting to read.  I was one of those,  desk job labor too 😛 a constant pressure of working and delivering the best to my Boss. I never was up for a job like the one I had,  I had to work to support myself, and when I was working I had to deliver best. That’s me, being obnoxious of working up things right. As the pressure kept building, I was a little tired of the monotonous job and sought variety. That’s exactly when fashion styling and wedding photography happened to me, I was more than happy to work where the creativity of every day counted and made me feel great about it. Soon, I was getting a little busy with enough projects in hand and that’s when I decided to quit my job.

As the days, kept passing I was travelling more often for work and pleasure, and I was already documenting my travel diaries with pictures and that’s how I started my blog to inspire people to travel to these amazing places that I go to and for my styling tips especially for the beautiful ladies who want to have a great looking holiday. I want you to travel with me to see the amazing places on this planet.

Now that you have read this far and wondering what will you get to see here, that’s where things start rolling. I promise I will always give you something interesting to read. I am soon going to add a video link on my website you can watch it to experience virtually.

I’ll be sharing Ultimate Travel hacks, be your virtual-guide, travel tips, style tips, travel experiences, and a visual treat through my pictures.

I am here to talk to you, to know you and inspire at least one person who’s reading my blog to step up and live their life their way?

Welcome to TWH


D !!!


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