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I love Europe, but this time I decided to go to this underrated and still untouched, absolutely beautiful place called Andaman Islands, India.

Shimmering turquoise waters are surrounded by primeval jungle and mangrove forest, and its sugar-white beaches melt under glorious flame-and-purple sunsets. The population is a friendly mix of South and Southeast Asian settlers, as well as Negrito ethnic groups whose arrival here still has anthropologists somewhat baffled. Adding to the intrigue is its remote location, some 1370km from the Indian mainland, meaning the islands are geographically more Southeast Asia – just 150km from Indonesia and 190km from Myanmar.

Comprising 572 islands, only a dozen or so are open to tourists, Havelock by far being the most popular for its splendid beaches and diving. The Nicobar Islands are strictly off limits to tourists, as are the various patches of tribal areas. Also, most of the islands in Andaman are only day trips visits and no stay land. And my first stop was at Havelock Island. You can check the Havelock photobook here : Havelock Photobook


I absolutely love boutique hotels and Jalakara didn’t fail me with its rustic jungle small hotel look. You find this in the middle of a rainforest jungle leaving you with its gorgeous sunset views. Jalakara offers the informality, homeliness and bespoke possibilities of a private villa with the private space, service, and staffing of a small hotel.

At Jalakara guests are encouraged to indulge in a digital detox and do some soul searching, so they can experience rejuvenation. No wifi or in-room audio-visual flatscreen entertainment is provided instead, log on to the beautiful tropical surroundings and the analogue pleasures of zero pollution, good food, good company, playing games, reading, swimming, massage, hassle-free beaches and the great outdoors. 

Tower Room
Lounge at the pool
Sunset View from Room
Biking Around
Jungle View from the room
Large Mirror in Room
Outdoor Sitting
Bird Watching at Jalakara
Peaceful Evenings

Rooms : 

There are 7 signature styled rooms that you can choose when booking at Jalakara.  All of them have great views and comfort styled for your stay. 

Getting There : 

Jalakara is situated in the heart of Havelock Island well away from the hustle and bustle on a lush hillside.  Tropical garden property backs on to Virgin Rainforest with stunning views across the island and rainforest.

Havelock island is approximately 90 minutes by ferry from Port Blair. Once you reach the Port Blair airport, you’ll need to come to the jetty to take your ferry boat to Havelock that is currently operated only by the government. 

Outward Bound

Last scheduled boats from Port Blair to Havelock leave at 2 pm – so please make sure you book a flight landing before 12.30pm.


Book afternoon flights leaving after 2 pm from Port Blair to mainland India to avoid an overnight stay in Port Blair. Since not many good hotels are available. 

  • Extremely beautiful property 
  • Midst of the Jungle 
  • Rustic Style
  • Very soothing decor 
  • Endless Stargazing at nights
  • Delicious Food 
  • Friendly Staff
  • Beach is far away
  • No intercom in the room 
  • No breakfast in the room 
  • Toads in the pool ( I jumped at the sight) Although they clear them as soon you find one sneaking into the pool. 
  • No luxury amenities in the bathroom 

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