Its about time now, and Christmas and the New Year is just a few weeks away Yay, although theres excitement, it was pressed down in me when I looked at my hair, and I thought ” Omg ” I can’t have bad hair for my favourite festivities and after doing and trying a lot of other crap on my hair, finally I fell in love and settled with this chocolate + golden packaging which was god sent to me and yes it is called “L’ORÈAL” – Hair Expertise, Pure Riche. The packaging is very interesting unlike the usual boring bottles, this one comes in golden brown tubes, which definitely caught my interest when i was looking for the product at the drug store ;). The consistency of the product is not watery but very creamy paste like , which instantly makes you believe that something good is going to happen to your hair.  I am actually quite impressed how this product makes your hair feel so good and have your locks in place until the next wash. The combo of Shampoo and conditioner for the dry hair like mine is Pure Riche- a very powerful nourishing product with no sulphates that intensely nurtures your dry hair leaving it super nourished and with a healthy looking shine. The product is infused with nourishing camellia oil( its known for its nourishing properties) and the aromatic vanilla scent which leaves a beautiful scent in your hair after the wash.  I did use the regular L’oreal hair products before, but this one stands out as the best treatment for my hair. I have personally used this for a whole month now , iam writing down this review for you so you could use it and get the benefits , since my hair feels a lot nourished and healthier from the very first wash. Yes, I find this product magical and its going to be a all time fix for my hair hereafter, no more bad HAIR DAYS 😀

For Dry Hair :

Shampoo : L’Oreal Pure Riche Shampoo – Nourshing & Taming

Methods to USE :

Step 1:Apply the creamy formulated shampoo onto your wet hair and scalp, gently massage and form into rich lather, when you think you have massage well, rinse throughly.

Step 2: After shampoo, apply this creamy formula onto your rinsed hair  focusing on the mid lengths and ends and massage for 2 mins and i prefer to leave in for another 2 more mins when I want extra conditioning and rinse thoroughly.

Once you have washed your hair, towel dry and leave it to dry naturally ( as I prefer , when not in rush 😛 ) or just set your blower on cool and then give a blow dry to your gorgeous locks.  

I am doing the blog after ages, I know i am lazy 😛 but please tell me if you have liked the review and would want me to do such reviews for you and I would love to do it 🙂

Love you all :-* DV

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