Mallorca is simply perfect in all its beauty. Now, I know how clichéd that sounds but you have got to witness the gorgeousness of the region and you will be just as spellbound as I am. Picture perfect beaches, spectacular mountains, impressive history and charming hill towns, Mallorca is a complete package. It’s kind of like your dream vacation packed in one country with a little bow on top. The islands are voted as one of the best in the world and rightly deserves that title. Oh and let’s not forget the mouth-watering local food that is to die for.

No matter who you are or where you are from or what you like to do, Mallorca has something for everyone. Beach bum? Veg out on any of the 200 soft dazzling beaches. Foodie? Try out the amazing local restaurants and street food. Dance freak? Enjoy dance nights in clubs and streets that have events with music and a fantastic crowd. You see, whether you love turquoise blue waters or lush greenery, Mallorca has got you covered.

I was invited by Pau the Co-founder of In Adventures to experience true Mallorca by sailing around the region. To my bad luck, my visa arrived late and I missed the trip. But after seeing the beautiful stories and pictures posted by my fellow travellers I realised that I had missed so much more than just a trip.
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Mallorca is specially made for the adventurous souls. There are literally tons of adventures and activities to experience and you will want a little bit of everything. The best time to visit Mallorca for making the best of your adventures is from July through August. These are the months when Mallorca is flourishing with fantastic weather and clear skies. This is also the peak time for tourism and the place is lit with events, parties and festivals creating a pleasing hustle and bustle. So I have put together a list of adventures that you can go on in Mallorca, Spain. Plan your trip away!

Experience  Mallorca


1)  Flyboarding

Have any of you done flyboarding before? If you haven’t, it’s a water sport where jetpacks are attached to your feet, kinda like huge boots and you can hover over water as you will be propelled vertically. Feels like a superhero ready to take off anytime. Super fun and challenging at the same time to balance yourself a

few feet high above the sea water. This sport should be a definite addition to your bucket list and no better place than the blue beaches of Mallorca to be doing it.

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2)  Sea Caving
Sea Caving

Mallorca has amazing sea caves that you absolutely must explore. There are guides that will take you to these enchanting caves. The experience is so thrilling that you will be left with adrenaline rushes every now and then. Swimming deep down in the waters and coming up to these caves is a different experience all together. Feels like you are in a movie and everything around you is super dramatic.

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3)  Rock Climbing
Rock Climbing

If you are someone who enjoys a good sweaty invigorating adventure, rock climbing is for you. Mallorca is known for it’s amazing rock climbing spots and attracts thousands of rock climbing lovers each year. If you are visiting Mallorca, you might as well take your chance. There are rocks for everyone, easy ones for beginners and super challenging ones for the experts. The limestone cliffs have been around for ages and definitely a must climb for all sports adventure lovers.

You can book your rock climbing activity here>

4)  Canyoning

All you adrenaline junkies, this ones for you. Canyoning is tough, tiring and requires a good level of fitness but it’s completely worth every bit of everything that you will put into it. It’s a mixture of climbing and coasteering and if you love a good challenge, this is the perfect sport. What makes it even more perfect are the waters, rocks and views of Mallorca and you will be left with a story to tell for years to come.

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Get a full guide: Mallorca

So which of you is excited already just thinking of all these adventures in Mallorca? I know I am. As much as I love my lazy days at the beaches, I also love a good adventure on my trips. So I am always looking to do something different and exciting so I can put it in my list of achievements :p Write in the comments section below which is the best adventure you have had while travelling and where. I am waiting!

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  1. These look like a lot of fun! I’ve never actually heard of flyboarding before but I definitely want to try!

  2. This is the right thing for me! I am an adventure soul!! Sea caving and canyoning would be amazing$ on my bucket list!

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