Second only to flights, accommodation is one of the biggest travel costs. For those travelling on a budget, here are a few tricks to spend less on accommodation.

Time It Right

You’re likely to spend more on accommodation when travelling at peak times. Hotels tend to be most expensive in summer and around national holidays and festivals. By avoiding these events and travelling out of season, you could find that you save a lot of money on a hotel room. When it comes to short trips, you’re also better off planning your stay during the week rather than at the weekend – hotels often charge less during the week than they do at the weekend.

Also, with cheap accommodation you always have an advantage of visiting more cities/countries or likely to stay for longer in the same city and explore more.

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Consider the location

The location of your accommodation can also affect the price. Choosing to stay away from the hub can often save you money – if you’re staying in a city, you may want to book a hotel on the outskirts rather than in the centre. Similarly, a hotel that’s a little bit inland could be a lot cheaper than a hotel on the seafront (in fact, a sea view can drastically increase the price of a room).


I feel, doing Airbnb is like a blessing in a disguise when you are running on a tight pocket. You could always choose a far away location right as I mentioned before in this blog as it helps to reduce the taxes and rents of the room.

Go self-catered

You could also try looking into self-catered accommodation. Self-catered holiday rentals as advertised here at Connemara Lettings could be an affordable option when travelling with a big group, allowing you to prepare you own meals rather than relying on food at the hotel. On top of being an affordable option, they also give you your own private space unlike a hotel that you have to share with other guests.

Look into homestay accommodation

Homestay accommodation involves staying with a local family in their home. This can often be much cheaper than a hotel and may even include cooked meals. Homestay accommodation can be a great way to experience the way locals live and is popular amongst travellers wanting to learn a foreign language.

Try a Tent

Camping is always a cheap option. You don’t even have to pay to stay at a campsite – if you’re brave you can go wild camping for free. By taking a tent, you can give yourself this option when travelling abroad. Camping is well suited to travel in rural and undeveloped locations, but may not be suitable if you’re travelling to a city (although it is possible to camp in people’s gardens using sites such as Camp In My Garden).  

Hire a Camper van

If you’re planning a US road trip or a tour of Europe, it could be worth renting out a camper van. This gives you access to a vehicle and accommodation all in one. Occasionally, you may still want to pay for a pitch at a campsite so that you can hook up and use bathroom facilities, but for the most part you can park up where you like. You can hire camper vans from companies such as Kamper Hire.

I hope these tips & tricks will save you some dollars my blog Fam. Let me know in comments, which options would you like to try when travelling next time ?

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  1. I would love to try a Homestay in a foreign country. Seems like a great way to authentically immerse oneself in the local culture. Sadly my husband is not that adventurous!

  2. Love staying in homestays. Like you said, it’s a great opportunity to meet the locals and get a better understanding of the local culture and the way of living. Definitely our preferred accommodation type!

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